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P&C Association

One of the great strengths of Boronia Park Public School is its multi-talented and highly engaged parent community.

The following items are addressed below:

  • Why join P&C?
  • The Parents & Citizens' Association (P&C)
  • The P&C Committees
  • About P&C Fundraising…
  • Parent Representatives

Why join P&C?

"I volunteer at my child's school.  It is my local school.  I find that giving up an hour or two each month to attend meetings where we as a group get to have a direct impact on my child's learning is priceless.  I appreciate the fundraising that the P&C needs to do to ensure that our children have access to better educational materials and great facilities.  I don't mind lending a hand, it is the least that I can do every now and then."

Boronia Park is a richer place for the contribution of parents & citizens.

Have you got time for an investment?

Below is an insight into this committee, how it is structured and what it sets out to achieve every single year.

The Parents & Citizens' Association (P&C)

The P&C is a school-based, parent-led group that is open to all parents/caregivers and teachers at the school. It is run by an elected executive committee, made up of volunteer parents.

The P&C provides a general forum for discussion on issues that affect the parent body, and developing ideas and initiatives for managing them. It also organises social events, manages facilities such as the canteen and uniform shop and coordinates our bi-annual fete – the major source of money to provide resources not available through government funding.

When do we meet?

The P&C meets on the 3rd and 9th Monday of each school term. Meetings are held at 7.30pm in the school library.

Our meetings include a report from the Principal which is often an informative insight into what is happening within the school operations, an update from all our committees and an opportunity for you to ask questions and have your say. 

The committees

Our Executive Committee are volunteers elected into these roles at our AGM each year, which is held in November. Any Boronia Park Public School parent or carer who might be interested in one of these roles, please contact

There are a number of committee groups within our P&C. They are: Creative Arts, Uniform Shop, Canteen, Sports & Dad's/Playground Co-ordinator.  If you are interested in contributing to and or joining these committees, please contact the committee convenors indicated on this page.

About P&C Fundraising

Why do we raise money?

Government funds allocated to the school can only be stretched so far.  School Voluntary contributions requested in the school statement are capped by the Department of Education and Communities and enhance funds available for the school.

The P&C raise money to supplement resources, facilities, equipment and services available to our students. 

How do we know how much to raise?

The fundraising target is determined by the P&C based on discussions with the school and parents. For 2017 our fundraising goal is approximately $100,000.

Each fundraising target item is considered in one of the following categories:

  • School Donation:  This includes money to supplement the purchase of educational materials, learning support resources, participation in sports, grounds maintenance, facilities upgrades.  In recent years this has amounted to $45,000- $60,000 per year. 
  • P&C Programs:  This includes the services offered by P&C committees such as playground improvement, canteen, sports, uniform shop, choir, band and strings, as well as costs related to P&C administration costs.  In recent years, this has amounted to $20,000.
  • Projects:  This includes allocated funds to specific large projects that have been identified by the P&C. In recent years this included a $25,000 contribution to new junior play equipment and refurbishing the timber classrooms, $10,000 to supplement the new school fencing and $30,000 for the COLA.
  • Wish-List:  This includes an amount that is made available for spending on low cost (under $5,000) items that can be considered, approved and purchased quickly. 

To continue to support the resources required to maintain the quality of our school and accommodate the growing numbers of students at the school, our fundraising target this year is approximately $100,000.

How do we raise money?

Throughout the year, the P&C Fundraising and Events committee organises a range of social activities and other initiatives to endeavour to meet the annual fundraising goal.

The committee focuses on a small number of activities each year to minimise the demands on the parent community time and resources. This approach only works when all initiatives are well supported. 

Parents are encouraged and welcome to join or lead any of the event teams organising these activities.  Please contact our Events and Fundraising committee.

How do we spend the money?

At the end of the P&C financial year, the amount of funds available is determined and the proposals used to generate the fundraising goal are reviewed.  If there are other items that are still required, these can be considered and proposed for spending by a motion at a P&C meeting.  This is usually managed at the October meeting of the P&C.

What if we don't reach the annual goal?

If the total fundraising goal is not reached the P&C executive will consider options and make recommendations to the membership for adjusted spending.  This may include a proportional reduction to all requests, fully funding some and partially or not funding others.  This may result in a reduction or withdrawal of the resources, activities, projects or programs currently provided, or a substantial increase in the number of fund raising activities that parents are asked to support throughout the year. 

What if there is surplus?

Any unallocated funds will be retained and used in subsequent years for other projects as determined by the P&C.

Parent Representatives

Executive Committee

President  – Andrew Waxman (

Secretary – Cynthia Meyer (

Treasurer – Chris Kearney (

Fundraising – Jane Le Fevre & Georgie Johnson (

Communication – Bea Parry-Okeden (     

P&C Committee Conveners

Canteen – Kerry Rodgers (

Uniform Shop – Andrew Waxman (

Creative Arts  – Michelle Piccolo (

Sports – Mel Cullen (