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By the end of Early Stage 1, students ask questions and use known facts to explore mathematical problems and develop fluency with mathematical ideas. They use everyday language, concrete materials and informal recordings to demonstrate understanding and link mathematical ideas.

Students count to 30 and represent numbers to 20 with objects, pictures, numerals and words. They read and use ordinal numbers to at least 'tenth'. Students use concrete materials to model addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They use the language of money and recognise the coins and notes of the Australian monetary system. Students divide objects into two equal parts and describe them as halves. They recognise, describe and continue repeating patterns of objects and drawings.

Students identify length, area, volume, capacity and mass, and compare and arrange objects according to these attributes. They manipulate, sort and represent three-dimensional objects and describe them using everyday language. Students manipulate, sort and describe representations of two-dimensional shapes, identifying circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. They connect events and the days of the week and explain the order and duration of events, telling the time on the hour. Students give and follow simple directions and describe position using appropriate language.

Students answer simple questions to collect information. They use objects to create a data display and interpret data.

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