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Drop off zone

The P&C coordinate volunteers from each class to supervise the Drop off and pick up zone (DOZO) each morning and afternoon.

  • The Drop off and pick up zone (DOZO) for Boronia Park Public School is set up in Earl Street.
  • This stretch of road is a "No Parking" zone during the school day in the school term.         
  • At 9.10am and 3.10pm you will see parent/caregiver volunteers in bright orange vests, with orange cones spread along Earl Street outside school, up off the gutter.
  • This where your child/children can be dropped off safely in the morning and picked up safely in the afternoon (no roads to cross).
  • The DOZO also helps keep traffic moving safely around the school.                        
  • The zone is supported by the school and run by volunteering parents/caregivers.
  • An executive teacher also assists in the afternoon at the pick up point and one on the crossing.
  • Each class is rostered on the zone for 1 week approximately 3 times each year.      
  • DOZO users may not hop out of there car.
  • You may be asked in the afternoon to drive around the block if your child is not waiting and traffic is building up. If you are asked to do this please remember a few extra minutes of your time will keep children and families safe as they exit the school.
  • Your young child/children are helped into the car by the volunteers.                         

The safe and efficient running of this area is paramount and is ensured through our fantastic parent volunteers. Please check the DOZO roster for when your class is up.

Please email your class a reminder the week before your class is rostered with the procedures and a reminder to sign the volunteer sheet in the school office foyer before their DOZO shift. 

Thank you to all the parents and teachers that help to make drop-off/pick-up zone safe for all our kids plus keep local traffic flowing. 

Morning drop off - set up 9am

  • 2 parent volunteers in bright orange vests mark the zone with cones (please see diagram).                      
  • Parent volunteers are to stand at the end closest to the driveway gates (the front of the zone).
  • Parent volunteers to direct cars to the front of the zone.                                          
  • Cars pull up in drop off zone.                                                                                 
  • Parent volunteer opens car doors for the car in the first two spaces at the front of the zone to let children out with their bags and hats. 
  • Children will only exit the car in the first two car spaces at the front of the zone.       
  • Parent volunteers close car door.                                                                           
  • Parent volunteers are not responsible for opening the car boot to remove bags or unfastening a child's seat belt.
  • Children to enter the school via the driveway gates.
  • Car proceeds safely out of the drop off zone.                                                         
  • Parent volunteers direct other cars in the zone forward.                                            
  • Parents dropping children off at the drop off zone need to ensure that their children have been kissed and hugged and have all their belongings on their laps ready to exit the car. Parents and Caregivers are not to exit their car for any reason.

Afternoon pick up - set up 3:10pm

  • 2 Parent volunteers in bright orange vests mark the zone with cones.                       
  • Move on parked cars, it is illegal for cars to park in this area.                                  
  • Children will wait with the teacher by the gate at the front of the drop off zone.         
  • Volunteers direct cars to the front of the zone, ask child's name and call child.         
  • Children will only enter the car in the first two car spaces at the front of the zone.     
  • If the child is not there, parent/caregivers must do a lap around the block and re-enter the parking zone.              
  • Volunteers will assist children into the car.
  • Parent volunteers are not responsible for fastening seatbelts or placing school bags in the car boot. If a child can not fasten their own seatbelt then the child's parent must park the car and walk to the school to pick up the child.
  • Car safely exits the zone.

Drop off zone safety

It is important for parents, students and volunteers to be safe when using the Drop off and pick up zone. Read the Drop off and pick up zone safety tips document (PDF 202KB)