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This year, Kindergarten is organised into four classes - KM, KS and KT. Kindergarten classes and teachers work collaboratively to achieve shared outcomes.

At Boronia Park Public School Kindergarten students take part in a differentiated curriculum that identifies student's knowledge and skills across a variety of Key Learning Areas. Students take part in daily literacy and numeracy sessions. Creative arts, sport and social skills are linked to a varied academic program that give all students an opportunity to develop a variety of skills, interests and talents.

Kindergarten is an important year of schooling as children formally begin to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. Our whole school community will help your child adjust to school and help them to feel comfortable.

When to start school

Your child can start Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five on or before 31 July in that year. By law, all children must be enrolled in school by their sixth birthday.

When to start your child at school is an individual decision. You may want to discuss this with us or with your child's preschool teacher, carer or doctor.

Transition to school

We have a set of planned activities to assist your child to make a smooth transition to Kindergarten. Research indicates that children who settle quickly into school are more likely to be socially competent and achieve better results. Contact us to find out about our activities and how you can be involved.

Preparing for Kindergarten

You can help your child prepare for Kindergarten and be organised for the first day. Watch what happens on a typical day in Kindergarten classrooms. Visit our school to help your child feel more comfortable and to start getting to know people there.

Best Start Kindergarten Assessment

The best start assessment is a tool to help teachers assess your child's skills as they enter school, and to tailor teaching to their individual needs. Teachers will sit with your child when they start school to assess your child's literacy and numeracy skills so that they can develop an appropriate teaching program that caters for your child.

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