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Boronia Park Public School has two awards that are unique to our school. These awards are given out to recognise student achievement.

Boronia Park awards

4 Merit awards = Bronze award

3 Bronze awards = Silver award

2 Silver awards = Gold award

Boronia Park Awards is a merit system where students strive to achieve a BPPS gold award. Students can achieve awards for merit or achievement, value of the month and sport. Students need to collect, keep these awards and present them to their teacher to achieve a bronze, silver and gold award. It is assumed that the attainment of a gold award will take a few years.

Each week classroom teachers will nominate two students to receive merit awards at the K-2 or 3-6 assembly. One merit award will be given for a specified Key Learning Area (KLA) i.e. English one week, mathematics the next and the other for the DEC core value. Each month a nominated DEC core value is highlighted in all the classes K-6 through discussions and class activities.

A sports award will be presented for each PSSA team and each home sport activity weekly. RFF, library and music teachers may also award students a certificate as part of their program. This will also be accepted in the Boronia Park Award system.

Teachers will sign the back of the four awards which will then be passed onto the Assistant Principal who will organise the presentation for a bronze award. This arrangement will also apply for the silver and the gold awards. Then:

  • The Bronze award will be a certificate presented at a whole school assembly.
  • The Silver award will be a certificate presented at a whole school assembly. Those who have achieved this award will have their name published in the school newsletter.
  • The Gold award will be a medal. This award will be presented at a K-6 assembly. Those who have achieved this award will have their name and photo published in the school newsletter. Their parents will be invited to the assembly. Each term the Gold Award recipients will be invited to a special in-school morning tea with the Principal.

Caught you being good (CYBG)

The Caught you being good (CYBG) awards are given to students who are ‘caught' or seen behaving well at school. The CYBGs will 

  • Displaying good self control
  • friendliness
  • helpfulness
  • playing sensibly
  • politeness
  • responsible ‘telling' not ‘dobbing'
  • returning other students' property
  • keeping the environment clean

Each classroom including RFF rooms and the library will have a CYBG box which will contain CYBG achieved by students. Once a week, SRC reps from each class will take their box and empty the contents into the CYBG boxes kept in the foyer. Year 6 will collect K-1 CYBGs. On Thursday, morning one ticket will be drawn from the K-2 box and one from the Year 3-6 box. The winning ticket will be exchanged for a canteen cash voucher.

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